Where do the best wines come from? TOP-10 countries

Three of the world leaders in the field of winemaking can name everyone – this is Italy, France and Spain. This is not surprising, they are located in the most favorable climate for growing grapes – the Mediterranean, and the wine making traditions in these countries are strong. But in recent years, other countries have begun to attack the heels of the leaders. Sometimes the most unexpected. We offer you the top ten countries in the production of wine:

10. Germany

The Germans are known mainly as beer lovers. But if they do something, they do it conscientiously. Most of the wine in Germany is produced in the south-west of the country, while 60% of the total German volume of wine comes from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

9. Chile

Most experts in the field of winemaking agree that it is Chile that has the greatest potential for the development of winemaking. True, the Chileans themselves understood this relatively recently. Fifteen years ago, no one particularly perceived the production of Chilean wine-makers, but now they manage to impose serious competition even on famous European producers.

8. South Africa

The situation is similar to Chile in South Africa. Despite the fact that wine has been produced there since long ago, since the 17th century, only in recent decades have it been puzzled by its export and promotion of South African wine to world markets.

7. Australia

The quality of Australian wine leaves much to be desired. But due to the quantity and price, Australia is firmly in the world not the seventh, but a much more worthy fourth place.

6. Argentina

The wines from Argentina occupy a more privileged position in the world of winemakers than the Chilean ones only because they understood much earlier how to use the natural riches of the Andean foothills.

5. China

Surprisingly, Chinese wine is also very good, only its production has little chance of entering the international market due to the number of drink lovers in the country itself. In China, the volume of wine production does not keep pace with the growth rate of the population and, accordingly, lovers of the noble drink, lagging somewhere around 25%.

4. USA

To the Big Three, Americans are still far away. By virtue of practically one California, where almost all the wine in the States is produced, the French-Italo-Spanish triumvirate cannot be overcome, But even fourth place in this rating is more than a decent result, for a country drinking bourbon and coca-cola.

3. Spain

Spain still has not achieved global recognition as the best country for winemaking, being behind both France and Italy. And this is despite the world leadership in the area of ​​vineyards. But Spanish winemakers do not give relax to their European colleagues.

2. France

Although the quality of individual wines in individual regions of France is practically unattainable, in general, the industry is not growing as fast as it could. The world-famous leader of the wine industry in recent years can not cope with the growth rate of the industry in neighboring Italy.

1. Italy

Italians joined in with the excitement of the title race and recently won it. France’s leadership in the production of wine was not subject to doubt until 2007. But today more and more often Italy is mentioned in connection with the definition of “world leader in winemaking”.