Victoria’s Secret brand story

Victoria’s Secret is by far the most popular and recognizable company in the manufacture of underwear for women. Moreover, the products of this brand are accessible enough, so many girls and women can feel luxurious, confident, sexy and elegant. In addition to underwear, a trendy home makes swimsuits, sports clothes and perfumes. All advertising campaigns and shows are always attended by the most famous actors, singers and models, which makes all products more attractive to consumers.
Today, we’ll find out how the Victoria’s Secret brand succeeded in becoming so successful.

Victoria’s Secret brand story
The founder of the brand was the American Roy Raymond. The first store with underwear for women “Victoria’s Secret” was opened a little more than forty years ago. And since the discovery, the enterprise had incredible success. The atmosphere in the store was for shopping and communication, the interior was thought over to the details, and the choice of things was beautiful. Five years later, in 1982, Roy’s business grew and had six branded stores, besides, the sale of laundry in the catalog was launched. In the same year, Raymond sells his successful company, Leslie Wexner, for the $ 4 million that owned the “The Limited Brands” at that time. Veksner left the main thing – the directories that currently provide about a third of all company revenue. In addition, the brand’s orientation remains on individuality, exclusivity, every product – it’s something special. However, the company began to focus on the female half of the population, although in the past, Victoria’s Secret boutiques were considered simply a paradise for the strongest half.

The brand has also left the opportunity to dress them for any woman, regardless of the figure and fashion trends. With the advent of Leslie Wexner’s management, the golden age of Victoria’s Secret began, as at that time, luxurious and sexy lingerie for women was produced only in Europe. An assortment of fashion houses has been expanded, new products have appeared, such as: evening dresses, night pajamas, shoes, perfumes and even soft toys. And in the early nineties, the company’s turnover was more than one billion dollars. The first show of underwear took about twenty three years ago, and four years later, the brand “Victorias Sikret” began to represent the defile of new collections online. At the beginning of the two thousand years, all the novelties of the brand consumers could appreciate without leaving the house and watching TV. In two thousand and four years, the supermodel of a fashion house traveled all the states on a tour where they showed exclusive underwear. The shows took place in the major cities of the United States.

The Victoria’s Secret brand is nowadays
At the moment, “Victoria’s Secret” is not just a loud name, it’s a whole world. A huge selection of women’s clothing, mandatory displays of each new collection in the format of whole show programs with famous models. Each year, the brand produces about three hundred million catalogs, so that products can be bought and ordered by mail. There is an online brand store, and boutiques update collections on a regular basis.

All models of the brand are luxurious representatives of the weak sex. And most of them are generally included in the ratings of the most beautiful, highly paid and popular models around the world. Very many girls dream of getting into the “angelic” composition of brand models.

About the creator of the Victoria’s Secret brand
Roy Raymond is a brand creator, Stanford graduate with a MFA scholarship. In the mid-seventies he married, and as a gift his wife wanted to present a beautiful and sexy underwear. Walking through several specialized stores, Roy has encountered several problems. First, saleswomen were very embarrassed and did not understand what a man is doing in such a place, and moreover, he intends to buy something else. Secondly, the choice in all the stores visited was very scarce and monotonous. Stomping himself, Roy did not buy anything, left the walls of the stores.

But since  Roy Raymond was a real businessman, he decided to turn this failure into his own good. Open your own specialized boutique of women’s underwear, as well as come up with their own line of things that meet the necessary needs. That’s how the “Victoria’s Secret” brand, which is popular all over the world, was born.

Many may think that the company has received such a name in honor of wife Raymond. But in fact, it’s not. The name is dedicated to Victoria’s great Queen of England, as she was the representative of an impeccable female style and luxury and left a trace in the history of the world fashion. And you knew that it was Victoria who popularized the white color of the wedding dresses, as well as the floridorange – a decoration of white flowers for the bride. In addition, the English Queen adored the corsets, but this is one of the most seductive things of the entire women’s wardrobe. The first Victoria’s Secret boutiques were executed in the style of the Queen Victoria era.

About five years Raymond successfully managed the company, after which she sold her for huge money at that time. After some time after the sale, Raymond tried to open a children’s clothing store, but this attempt was unsuccessful for the businessman. A little later, a young and ambitious man went bankrupt completely. And in the end of August, around twenty five years ago, Roy Raymond’s life broke off; he jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.