The magical world of gems

The mysterious world of precious stones is a mysterious microcosm, always keeping absolute silence and at the same time telling about the Universe. Under the undisturbed surface, behind the silent shell, an unknown life is filled with magical metamorphoses. Having listened more attentively, you can hear an amazing story about this magical creation of Nature. Each gem is a whole world with its own characteristics and differences.

“The world can be represented in different ways, in the precious stone it is enclosed in itself”

The history of humankind’s ideas about the properties of precious stones changed along with its ideas about the structure of the world. In the Middle Ages, philosophy believed that the stones connected the unknown world of the universe (the macrocosm) with the unknown world of the soul and body of the person (the microcosm). Each gem was in the representation of the astrologer in direct and effective submission to one of the celestial bodies and, receiving cosmic energy from him, could therefore have an impact on a particular person, treating his body or helping in affairs. For the first time, the famous astrologer Agrippa von Nettesheim (1486-1535) established the astrological connection of stones with the “signs of the zodiac” (zodiacal constellations).
And today, astrologers believe that cosmic bodies affect the energy of various gems. Since ancient times, the sun shone, and the moon lamp of night, were included in the dance of “influential” planets. The impact of the planets, according to such a theory, is transmitted to humans through both stones and seven “planetary” metals. (Do not forget that metals are born of stones too!) There is practically no ancient civilization that could avoid the cult of talisman stones. And there is not a single nation that has not created beliefs associated with stones. There are no religions that would not use these superstitions in their rites, rituals, and sacraments. Until now, the object of worship of Muslims is a huge Kaaba stone (in Arabic cube); He is in the traditional place of pilgrimage for the children of Allah – Mecca. Decoration and threat, reward and punishment, sea and fertility, hunger and abundance, love and hate, good fortune and numerous misfortunes, beauty and ugliness, a symbol of power and a sign of misery – truly the endless possibilities of the magical forces that our ancestors endowed with a stone! The tendency to use stones not only as ornaments, but also as a talisman, an amulet that brings health and happiness to the owner, existed in ancient times among various peoples separated by oceans, thousands of kilometers and differences in world views. Belief in the afterlife encouraged relatives of the dead to place stones and talismans in tombs. The peoples of North Africa and Western Asia: Egyptians, Babylonians, Chaldeans – were placed in the sarcophagi of lapis lazuli, turquoise; the Chinese and the Aztecs put jade and jade in their mouths; in the Scythian burial mounds, carnelians, pearls, and turquoise have been found. The stone in the tomb is not only a gift to the gods, a bribe to the spirits of evil, it is also a pass, a testimony of the benefactors of the deceased. Wizards, shamans, priests of pagan civilizations left the richest heritage of superstitions for the religions they replaced. The princes of the church and the powerful states themselves were just as ignorant as the peoples they ruled. Fantasy as a property of imagination does not depend on position or intelligence. Otherwise, how can we explain the faith of our ancestors in a certain life of a stone, the division of stones into mature and immature, male and female, kind and evil? religious, superstitious and mystical representations. One of the first written sources to mention gems was the Bible. She also initiated the cult of the so-called stones of the months. According to the Bible, the High Priest, that is, the person who carried the will of God to the hearers, is before the audience in a special order. An integral part of this attire is an ephod, or a sheet (it is likely that the word guard would be used in the modern Russian language). The bookcase was a canvas bag, according to the Bible, decorated with precious stones, flat and oval, inserted into the filigree gold pedestal; the names of those families that represented the religious community were engraved on the stones. In dressing the stones in the pendant, brooches, rings, necklace, we do not think that this is not only an ornament that attracts the eye, but also a “wearable” doctor, a precious helper in the work and love. The magic power of stones is known from ancient times, they, like magicians, have a special hierarchy. The most powerful – gems diamond, emerald, sapphire, ruby, as well as semi-precious – alexandrite, aquamarine, turquoise, jade, amethyst. Jewelry jeweller stones are less powerful: malachite, rock crystal, aventurine, agate, and also “seafood” – amber and pearls. Semi-precious stones have almost no power: jasper, granite, marble, etc. The ancient Persians considered precious stones to be the work of Satan, but the women of this country willingly wore them, giving particular preference to turquoise. Turquoise jewelry was a success among the ancient Egyptians, along with amethysts, and rock crystal, but nephrite was the favorite stone here. Diamonds and sapphires decorated the clothes of the Romans. Semiramis, Cleopatra and other ancient queens adored pearls. The toilets of Renaissance fashionistas shone with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and topazes. Later, the light appreciated the modest beauty of semi-precious stones: garnets, opals, aquamarines and chrysolites. In all epochs, noble stones accompany a person not only as an ornament, but also as a talisman, an amulet that brings good luck, protects from diseases and troubles. However, in order to “subordinate” a stone, to make it a personal amulet, you must carefully approach its choice, otherwise it may harm.
A diamond is perhaps the most popular, most precious stone in the world. A diamond is a diamond in a treated form. It is usually colorless or has faint yellow, brown, gray, green, sometimes pink shades, rarely black. There are about 1000 varieties of jewelry diamonds. Diamond – a symbol of hardness, courage, innocence. This stone gives the owner the strength and courage, protects the members of his body. It was believed that the diamond gives and preserves the sharpness of hearing, protects from sorrow and witchcraft, evil spirits. If any sorcerer wants to cast a spell on the owner of a diamond, then all the grief and failure will be transferred to him. A wild beast will not attack a man who wears a diamond. Stone can cure sleepwalking. A diamond must be acquired freely, without coercion and violence, then it will have great power. The stone will lose its strength due to the sinfulness, incontinence of the person who wears it. Diamonds, which are inherited from the mother – the daughter, from the father – to the son, are very powerful. If you bought them, they will not start “working” for you immediately. They need to “tame.” Diamonds with a greenish tint enhance the ability of women to bear children, help the normal course of pregnancy and facilitate childbirth. They heal sclerosis, apoplexy, prevent the formation of stones, soothe migraines, save from lightning strikes and the evil eye. A diamond with internal stains is considered the most unlucky and fatal stone. Diamond is associated with the energy of the Sun and is used as a heart tonic. According to the beliefs of the ancients, this stone effectively rejuvenates and provides spiritual development. If you wear a diamond ring in gold on the ring finger of your right hand, it will allow you to feel the subtle effect of energy on your body. You can not wear someone else’s diamond rings. It is believed that the name “diamond” is derived from the Greek word adamas – invincible, indestructible. Faceted diamonds are called diamonds. This name comes from the French word brilliant, which in Russian means “sparkling.” Diamond consists of about 96-99.8% of carbon, 0.2-0.3% are impurities of chemical elements, such as nitrogen, oxygen, aluminum, boron, silicon, manganese, copper, iron, nickel, titanium, zinc and Other. Colorless diamonds are rare. Most often they have some shade. In nature, there are diamonds, brightly colored in yellow, orange, green, blue, blue, pink, brown, gray and black.
This stone cannot be worn by an unmarried woman – it can interfere with her marriage, and also interfere with pregnancy (outside marriage) and make a difficult childbirth. It should be worn at a time when you can call yourself happy, because It has the ability to stabilize processes, slow down the passage of time. Wearing a diamond by an impulsive and unrestrained person can lead him to illness – the stone does not tolerate vanity and rash impulses. The presented diamond is a symbol of love and chastity: when you donate and accept a diamond, you undertake to be faithful. A stone with defects (chipped, cracked, stained) cannot be worn – it will bring trouble.
Ruby is a stone of passionate and passionate love, as well as power, strength and energy. There is a belief that a ruby ​​in a pendant or in “hanging” earrings can give its owner power over people. When buying a ruby, you should pay attention to its color – it should be a pure scarlet color, only in this case the stone will protect from an unkind eye, will strengthen the strength of the spirit, will drive away depression. Changing the shade, the ruby ​​warns the owner about the danger. You should not wear ruby ​​to irritable people – the decoration can enhance natural cruelty and push on a rash act. On the contrary, the scarlet talisman can help in life shy and indecisive, raising self-esteem, strengthening strength of will.
As a therapeutic stone, ruby ​​is recommended to be worn by people who suffer from low blood pressure. When wearing a stone, sleep, general condition and appetite are improved, and lost strength returns. Paracelsus treated even cancer ulcers with ruby. Constantly carry the stone can not, because it takes a lot of energy. The name “ruby” comes from the Latin word rubella – red. Other names of the mineral and its varieties: noble red corundum, ratnanyayana, manicia, yacht. Ruby refers to the gems. In ancient times, this stone was called “yakhont” and “carbuncle”. In Europe, the ruby ​​symbolized courage, strength, dignity, beauty and devotion to faith. In the East – life energy, love, strength and health. In ancient India, this stone was dedicated to the Sun. Products with ruby ​​should not be worn by cruel, violent, angry and incontinent people, as it enhances their negative qualities. As a talisman, a ruby ​​is able to protect his owner from evil magic, save him from many serious ailments, protect him from enemies posing as friends. Ruby protects people born under the sign of Leo. Women Lions he makes attractive and attracts love to them. Men Lions stone helps to cope with self-doubt, gives courage, helps to properly assess the situation.
The joy of the higher spirits, the fiery ruby,
The colors of red blood, the colors of passionate life, –
Between the precious stones lord,
You promise us life in a different homeland, –
The stone of the highest spirits, the fiery ruby!
The name of the stone sapphire is derived from the Greek word “sappheiros”, which means “blue stone”. According to another version, the gem got its name either from the ancient Indian “canipriya” – beloved by Saturn, or from the Babylonian “sipra” – scratching. Other, less common names for sapphire: azure blue, blue blue, safir.
Sapphire was respected since ancient times. It is known that Alexander Macedonian and Maria Steward wore rings with sapphires. Beautiful sapphires decorated the rings of the high priests of early Christianity, as evidenced by the decree of Pope Innocent III: Seal of the Sacraments.
Sapphires are used for medicinal purposes and in magical rituals. So Avicenna advised to use sapphire for eye hemorrhages to cleanse the eyes. In the Middle Ages, ulcers and plague boils were treated with a gem. Sapphires adorn the crowns of the most famous imperial crowns. For example, in the center of the cross of the crown of the British Empire is the famous sapphire “Black Star of Queensland”. The crown of the Russian Empire is also inlaid with two large sapphires (258 and 200 carats). The Diamond Fund of Russia holds a thick blue sapphire from Sri Lanka weighing 258.18 carats, inserted into a diamond brooch. The largest processed sapphire was considered to be a stone weighing 951 carats, which was located near the ruler of Burma in 1827, but nowadays a sapphire crystal weighing 1905 carats was found in the USA. There is a legend about Saint Edward’s miraculous sapphire. According to this legend, the king, surrounded by his retinue, rode to the abbey and on his way met a poor old man begging for alms in the name of St. John. Edward did not have the money. The king took off the ring with a sapphire from his finger and gave it to the unfortunate ragout.
Years passed, and once the travelers arrived from Jerusalem, who brought with them the same sapphire ring and a strange message. They said that the beggar would soon meet with the king in paradise. The king realized that this was a prediction of near death. Soon, Edward died. 200 years after the death of King Edward, his coffin was opened and found that the body was completely preserved. The ring was exposed in Westminster Abbey, where he was treated with the greatest honor. Since then, the ring has become miraculous. People gathered in droves from all over the country to attach themselves to it and recover from diseases. Contrary to popular belief, sapphires can be not only blue. The color of the gem can be yellow, pink, green, orange and violet. Sapphires of these unconventional colors are called “fantasy”. In addition, there are gems of two or more colors at the same time, but this is rather the exception. Cornflower blue is considered the most expensive sapphire; the price for the purple stones is the lowest. Color sapphires give impurities of other elements, such as iron, titanium and chromium. By their nature, sapphires are a type of corundum mineral. Sapphire is a gemstone. Here is how AE writes about sapphire. Fersman: “Kashmiri thick-blue with a velvety tint, bright blue, Siamese sparkling with dazzling own fire, Ceylon bright-blue with a violet tinge, Australian very dark, almost black with artificial light.”
This rare and strange stone tends to choose its own master; if a person is dishonest, cruel, greedy, sapphire will leave him in one way or another. It was also believed that if you wear a sapphire ring, you will feel a lie, no matter where it comes from. The ancient magicians read from him the information accumulated during the day. Looking into the depths of the stone and evoking the faces of the people you met with, you can see or feel their true thoughts and attitudes. If sapphire loves a person and serves him – this is a sign of God’s chosen people, the ancients believed. However, the mystical meaning of sapphire is ambiguous. They said that it contributes to the cooling of passions; however, in ancient times, women, wanting to inflame the desire of a man, held a sapphire over his goblet of wine. Not every sapphire can serve as a talisman: if there are cracks and opacities in the stone, it can bring bad luck. But pure sapphire is not always a talisman. The one who will act to the detriment of others is deprived of a sapphire of cheerful society and joy in love. Sapphire protects the eyes, ears, lungs, throat and helps with joint pain, nervousness and insomnia. He is able to help us find a goal in our life and overcome all fears and depressions. The amazing deep blue color of a stone makes a person calm, tames passions, controls time, gives a strong power, weak harmony. When we look at blue sapphire, which plays with deep transitions of color and shadow, time seems to stop. Modern scientists have proven that the cells of the human body have a sense of time, they can rejuvenate and grow old depending on where we direct them to our subconscious. Sapphire distracts from complexes, suffering, negative thoughts and turns the clock back. This makes it possible to manage your life or find inner harmony and peace.
Sapphire – a symbol of the soul, turned to the light, it is a stone of purity, loyalty and modesty. You can wear sapphire girls and young girls. It is believed that this stone is able to calm and appease the rebellious soul, develop the ability to concentrate and contemplate, and also protects the chastity of the owner. It is for this reason that he is sometimes called the “stone of the nuns.” Sapphire protects from evil, eases the heartache, pleases the heart, attracts to its owner the mercy of fate and the sympathy of others. Sapphire protects lovers, protecting their feelings from envious eyes, and sincerely loving helps to achieve reciprocity.
The emerald is a stone of heaven and heavenly guidance, it gives precise and unambiguous advice, urging a person to become better, cleaner and with a great desire to accept the age-old attitudes that are characteristic of all traditional cultures and peoples. Emerald can without any reservations be called a talisman full of luck, happiness and prosperity. Traditionally it is believed that he protects the owner from all imaginable and unimaginable sorrows and misfortunes, strive to correct even the mistakes made by a man in the distant past. The emerald protects its owner from a dull life, addictions, evil spells, gives victory over negative influences, chastity. It is better if the stone is inherited, but may be donated. The emerald makes the guardian angel relentless, since this stone is the property of the angelic world and, as is often said about him, brought to earth, but not born by it. The stone contains the element beryllium: it is this aspect that makes the emerald a heavenly stone and connects it to the entire universe. He can be the talisman of those people who have dedicated their lives to the secrets of the universe, who purposefully walk this road and find heavenly revelations in spiritual perfection, higher sciences and the arts.
Emerald is the mascot of mothers and seafarers. He gives joy and joy, spiritual harmony and hope, victory in battle, tact and generosity, talent and grace, eloquence without a shadow of falsehood and self-esteem, insight, the ability of foresight. The emerald keeps love, it becomes brighter when love breaks out in the heart, and it breaks when you break the vow of loyalty and love. It strengthens memory and restrains harmful passions. He was hung at the head of the bed to get rid of bad dreams, dispel melancholy. However, the emerald helps only a pure, spiritually perfect person. To the deceitful and evil he brings misfortune. In order for the emerald to show itself completely, the location of the moon in its owner’s horoscope must be favorable. India believes that it communicates with the world of spirits, allows you to read the past and the future in the mysterious depths of its green faces. Emerald promotes health and longevity, because has the ability to neutralize negative “qi”.
John’s stone, a gentle emerald,
The jewel of the angels of heaven, –
Before those doors of Paradise open,
Who will love you in wonderful thoughts, –
The color of a blooming life, bright emerald!
Great and generous tribute …
All stones are a gift of the divine dream.
Give jewelry – a sign of recognition.
All women deserve beauty!