An unusual sand dune, a spaceship, a mirage? … this home in the barren prairie of Nevada’s desert can be anything your imagination desires. Viewing the desert as a place inspiring experimentation, “a sandbox that changes forms to fit the imagination”, the architects from OPARCH created this futuristic home in the Nevada desert (on the edge of develop living space) for a couple of art collectors and dealers specializing in contemporary art and art of the American West. So between the inspiration from the landscape, the imagination of architects and owners alike, the art nuances of the background of those involved (including location) this modern home composition cannot be nothing less than unusual.

Just like the dune sands shift places and form different patterns the multiple elements of the house slide into each other with shifting relationships of fractured symmetries. This unusual visual composition creates premises of unique character and challenging interior compositions. The decor of the house entwines the dynamic architectural structures, the modernistic materials palette (Corten steel, concrete, polished granite) and the penetration of the desert light through the vast glass openings into expressive interior decor composition. These dynamic shapes are accentuated by the owners’ rich art collection and the rich imagination of the designers introducing unusual shape furniture elements and stylish decor defiles.

The sculptural shapes and bubbles of geometrical spaces are adorned by ultra-modern furniture elements, (minimalist introducing comfort) and the vivid art elements form the owner’s collection. The outside terraces and levels of the home are blending with the desert surrounding and offer placement for native plants – grasses, desert scrub, and wildflowers – introducing the specific beauty of harsh desert life into the design composition of the home. This expressive project is a magnificent example of modern architecture and design carrying the inspiration of the American West and its embodiment into dynamic shapes and unusual solutions … enjoy exploring it.