Romantic Story

When I was a child, my favorite book was “The ghost of the moonlight.”

The book was a classic novel where a mysterious knight (Moonlight Phantom) saved a girl in danger. The book was excellent, the cover had a classic design and belonged to my grandmother.


“Grandma, where did you find this book?”

“The book belonged to my grandmother; it is a tradition of our family that will continue forever, you will pass it on to your daughter and her to her daughter.”

“So the book is ancient?”

“Very ancient, the legend tells that one of our ancestors wrote it.”


“Yes, it’s true, I met Moonlight Phantom.”

“It’s not true.”

“Yes, it’s true, and if you believe you can meet him.”

I was a child, and I believed my grandmother’s words. So one evening I read the whole book for the umpteenth time and dreamed.


My dream was strange, I was in a mysterious castle, and I was locked in a room. My clothes had a classic design, almost medieval. The room was small, and the only light came from a torch hanging on the wall. I unplugged the flashlight and explored the room, which consisted of a small bed, a chamber pot, and some dirty bowls.


Why was I in that room? Was that a dream or was it a reality?


Suddenly the door opened, and a fat old man entered the room, accompanied by soldiers.

“Princess, I am the Duke of Kent, you already know me, I apologize for closing you in this cell, but everything I do has a particular reason: the love I have for you.”

“I do not understand.”

“You are always upset about my actions, I can understand it … Tomorrow morning the priest will arrive, and finally, we will be husband and wife.”


Now I began to understand; I was in the novel!


“I do not want to marry you!”

“Tonight you will change your mind, like it or not.”


“Love me, hate me, I just want you to feel some feelings for me.”

The Duke of Kent came out of the cell and closed the door. I started to cry.

Suddenly I heard noises, and the door opened. It was Moonlight Phantom!


His classic costume was unmistakable, completely black and a small moon embroidered on the mask.

The paladin of justice stared at me.


“You’re more beautiful than your grandmother, Julie.”


He knew my name.


Phantom guided me through the dungeons to get me out of a secret passage.

“Thank you, my hero.”

“I save the girls of your family for generations; this is my mission and my curse.”


“Because I can not stop loving you.”

“I do not understand.”

“I could not save one of your ancestors, and your sister wrote our story … The power of love has managed to make that book live, and I save all the women in your family at least once in their lifetime. But the regret of not been able to save my woman is too horrible; I can not atone for this sin. “


I approached him.


“Do not be sad; you saved me.”

“Your father was a thief, he stole two stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.”


I kissed Moonlight Phantom.

The strength of our love has allowed me to relive that scene in my dreams for a long time. Each time longer and more intense.


Now, excuse me, I have to go back to Moonlight Phantom.