Love story

Love is a passionate dialogue of two hearts. Of two opposites. Of two origins. It is a flame that flares up, when you catch another’s eyes and your bodies weave. This is the color scheme of the radiant rainbow of our bliss.

In whatever colors our love, passion and tenderness were painted, those colors are always perfect. The warm and tingling feeling we want to share with you in this issue of our magazine, has found its embodiment in the red and white range.

Why did we choose this combination of tones?

A newborn child perceives the world in black and white. And the first color they begin to recognize after black and white, is red. With the color red, we see the bright sun outside the window, a nipple on ourmother’s breast … While growing up, a baby will be tempted to reach out to the brightest red and orange toys.

Red is one of the desired colors of tango and flamenco, those dramas and tragedies of love that can be disclosed so fully and sincerely only through dance.
This is the color of seduction, intimacy and temptation. Red-light District in Amsterdam, «Moulin Rouge» cabaret, with their enticing atmosphere of sensuality, sexuality and emancipation.

The color red is a symbol of victory and royalty, wisdom and power, sacred will and justice. Not without reason the Roman Caesars and European emperors were dressed in purple robes, and priests, judges and executioners — in red robes. It is the color that permeates our whole life. Road signs, billboards of supermarkets. Seductive shades of lipstick has been the reliable weapon of beauties of all time. «White teeth … like pearls in a coral rim » — so «Song of Songs» says about a woman’s smile…

Red is the color of blood, which means life. The Russian proverb «blood with milk» means a healthy blush and a fresh complexion.
Blood is red, milk is white… Harmonious combination of colors,  suggested by nature itself.
«Blood flows», «blood boils in veins» — so they say about somebody who is passionately in love, also about somebody who is proud and ambitious, courageous and powerful, someone who is ready to rush into battle without hesitation, to stand up for their beliefs.
Passionate love … whose companions are hope, torments of jealousy, happiness of possessing … Scarlet sails of Assol’s hope  and red colors in the garments of the freedom-loving and passionate Carmen. The blood, spilled in duels because of beautiful ladies. All this dense, insane, deep red that  excites imagination  … But how would we live if we were surrounded only by bright colors? Where would you seek inspiration, peace and and harmony? Here, we are helped by white, the color of vast space and purity. And red is as comfortable in it, as yolk isinside the egg white. Red is pulsating life,  and white is nourishing and life-giving blood of the universe.

These two colors seem to be intertwined in one passionate dance, like the canvases of the Dutch artist Kitty Meiering. They lug off into amazing whirlpool of colors, they make our life flowy, splitting, easy and inspired

The combination of these beautiful colors is a source of inspiration for all creators — artists, fashion and interior designers.
Where there is creativity, there is this dance, this harmony of eternal fight.
What is red in Bertolotto interior? It is the color of passion, desire, internal fire. These are tulips, roses, orchids, dandelions and other flowers that blossom on the scarlet surface of doors. They invite you to dream, wish, fantasize, dance, unleash sexuality and give birth to a flood of love.
The most spectacular look of red appears in its combination with white –white walls, white furniture. White is the color of  open space,  the space, in which our inner fire flares up.