Journey beyond the northern lights to Murmansk

In September, the nights in Murmansk are already darker than in July :-), and the northern lights are already appearing even against the sunset sky.

The first polar swallows travelers traveled northward in search of a visible solar wind. The wind that evokes a range of different emotions.

From skeptical questions “why is it white?” until the ringing ora chorus of everyone around from the acid-violet extravaganza to the color in his eyes.

My three-year experience of actively observing the radiance and the people who come for him allows me to say a little what results should be expected with different approaches to planning.

I emphasize long-term planning in the style of “travel is always an experience” (1-6 months,) medium-term planning (according to the first 27-day forecast) and more short-term planning in the style of Ok-Go! (10 days or less).

Long-term planning (for 1-6 months). On the one hand, it is cheaper to buy plane tickets in advance, it is easier to find suitable apartments or a hotel, and book tours of the city and beyond. On the other hand, there is no information about solar activity and cloudiness. If only this option suits you (for economic reasons, due to vacation, etc.), then it is worth spending 4-7 nights in Murmansk and its surroundings, and fill the days with excursions, walks through forests, mountains and hills , on cross-country and downhill skiing, snowshoes, quad bikes, snowmobiles, fishing, kiting, surfing, meditations – depending on the season and on what you like to do)).

A period of 5-7 days will help to significantly increase the likelihood of overlap of clear weather at night with significant geomagnetic activity. I usually decide on a departure decision around 19:30 after analyzing the weather. If I understand that in 30 – 80 km from the city there will be a clear sky for an hour or more, then it makes sense to leave.

The grid of roads around Murmansk allows you to be more mobile and adapt to the changing movement of clouds. If you decide to stay in Teriberka or Lovozero, then in the case of cloudy weather (this is a common thing, we are not far from the ocean), it will remain to admire the beauty of nature, since it’s harder to do any maneuvers along the tundra and forests behind the leaving cloud .

As a result, with this planning, you will have a week of adventures, and if you successfully go to one or two suitable nights in search of shine, then your cake of a full journey will be decorated with a cherry of the color of the solar wind dancing in the Earth’s magnetosphere.