I love the mountains.

At first, I decided to interview a small number of people experiencing the same emotions as the mountains, and on the basis of their answers and my impressions write a detailed report on why people go to the mountains and what pulls them there. But it was a false path. I just became convinced of the veracity of the saying “how many people, so many opinions”. Some people were attracted by freedom, solitude, someone was interested in places of power, excitement, overcoming themselves, someone goes to the mountains from boredom (yes, there are such), and someone “just beautiful”. It turned out the usual “porridge” of people’s opinions. Then the decision came by itself, I will not write why people go to the mountains, what pulls them, why they love extreme sports, I just write why I love mountains.

I am standing on the top of a mountain. The wind is blowing in your face. Sometimes his gusts. To the one who got up at three in the morning to meet the dawn. A bit of peace and we are wrapped in jackets, scarves, everything that is at hand. The sky is clear, but around it is quite dark. As if twilight and already evening. This world is stuck on hold. The birds were silent, even the wind calmed down. Second. And as if a fiery red disc appeared from nowhere. At first the sun slowly creeps out from behind the mountain. Each of us opened a new page of his life. Forget, forget about everything. It feels like you are so one with nature and the universe. You feel great inspiration.It becomes easy to breathe. Very easy. A feeling of self-confidence begins to grow very slowly in the chest. You can everything. This feeling inside you is growing, gaining strength, gaining strength. You will never be the same again. A part of something eternal will remain in you forever, a part of this Universe and you yourself are a part of this huge Universe. You are free from prejudice, stereotypes, human opinions. There is a feeling that you cross some edge a little bit, you cross the border of your possibilities and expand them. You gain strength. You are free.

Then you will come back home, get behind the wheel of your car, turn on your laptop in the evening, the phone will ring, you will answer. But one day you will feel some vague thought. She will push hard through the noise of the city, growing stronger. And then, you will throw your things into the backpack and again small villages, rivers and trees will rush through the window. You are on the way. On the way to the mountains.

What else do I like mountains for? For the opportunity to stay. In this huge bustling stream of life, feel peace and harmony. You will not believe, but it creates the feeling that you have moved to another level of consciousness, as if you are not on this planet, you see things that are beyond comprehension, but also you start to hear, just to hear the music of nature, one of the most enjoyable music in the world . Pursuit stream. Fell pebble. One more. Wind. Rustling foliage trees. Chirping birdie. And now you are carried away somewhere with your thoughts. Like it or not – life is beautiful. It seems to me in the mountains wings begin to grow in a person. I do not know whose words, but they accurately reflect that state – When there are wings to the soul, then there is no limit to perfection. When you see the mountains around you, the mountain river, you feel this pure air, then you realize that you were not born in vain. Even despite the fact that you didn’t seem to have done anything significant in this life. And I want to live and breathe.

A wonderful Polish poet once said a beautiful phrase: “Some people forget to sign the list of those present on the ground.” So this very touch to eternity puts a fat signature in evidence that you are, you are alive.

Be sure to go to the mountains, breathe this air, look at these beauties. And do not forget to sign the list of those present. Be alive Love and appreciate life. Give positive energy to other people and get more in return than you gave. Appreciate yourself, you are unique. And be yourself. Is always.

In the next life I will probably become a bird and learn to fly. For now .. for now I love the mountains.