How to Decorate in Black and White

Black and white is a classic color combination that has been around interior design world probably since the interior design world was born. There is a method, however, to creating a successful and inviting black and white space. It requires balance and thought and strategy to make the interior shine.

Although the possibilities of decorating with black and white are virtually endless, here are some tips and ideas to consider that might get you started on customizing your own chic space.

Choose the crispest blacks and whites for optimum contrast. But then help with the transition between the two with some natural bits – woods, bronze-ish wall art, etc.

Black furniture and accessories make this warm grey-walled living room ooze with sophistication and class. It’s an excellent contrast to the thick white crown molding as well, on two different visual planes.

Remember that the contrast between black and white is the most possible contrast between two tones. That fact opens up magnificent design opportunities to highlight specific gorgeous details in your space, such as this pendant chandelier, by going white-on-black or vice versa.

A black accent wall is a dramatic background to white furnishings. A beautiful and visually interesting white hanging chandelier pops against such a wall, too.

Black and white vertical stripes, done in correct proportion to the space, give the space a cheerful yet structured sense of energy. The classic pattern and color combination are so chic.

Take some artistic leeway in the “black” and “white” realms to introduce related, but not exact, hues. The muted purple tone of these chaise sofas, for example, doesn’t stand out from the black and white color scheme of the space overall but provides aesthetic depth and absolute luxe sophistication.

Keep walls black – and unadorned – and areas of natural light white. This is an inherent concept anyway, and your decorating emphasis on lighting that aligns with how mother nature does things will help your space go far.

Pair various-sized patterns of black and white. This geometric wallpaper is fairly busy and thus benefits from the careful use of blocked black and white elsewhere in the curtain and rug.

A little bit of color “hidden away” within the black and white scheme is not only charming, but it can also enhance the classic color combination even more. (Notice the chair-dipped legs on this white bentwood dining chair, too? Gorgeous.)