The nursery is the most functional room, because it simultaneously performs the functions of a bedroom, a game room, a gym, a workplace.
Children’s room is a very important room in a house where there are kids, because even the youngest members of your family should have a personal space. There, children have fun, learn about the world, do personal things and, of course, have a rest.

Etskaya is the most functional room, because it simultaneously serves as a bedroom, game room, gym, workplace. To make the child as comfortable as possible, it is important to properly organize the space, and no matter how large the room is.

When making a child you need to consider several factors:

  • gender, age and number of children;
  • proper use of colors and shades;
  • availability of all kinds of drawers and shelves for storage;
  • successful arrangement of furniture and accessories.

                                                                                                        Color design
To make room more visually, it is recommended to use light colors when decorating walls: beige, peach, light green, cream. Adherents of old traditions can paint the walls in pale blue – for a boy and in pale pink – for a girl. A happy parents of two children can be divided into contrasting shades of space or different materials.

The color of the floor is better to choose close to the color of the walls, so that it blends seamlessly into the overall picture. However, we must remember – in the children’s room the floors should be non-slip, warm and from natural materials.


Lighting in the nursery plays a big role. This may be a spotlight, chandelier, all kinds of sconces and table lamps. At the same time, in choosing the main light source – the ceiling one – one should prefer a laconic design without glass ornaments, pendants and other decorative objects. Well, if the nursery is equipped with a dimmer – power regulator. If the child in bed likes to read or fall asleep under a fairy tale, then you will certainly need bra. By the way, well-hung mirrors, reflecting the light, will help enhance the lighting.



When choosing furniture, you can stay on one of the options.

Modular furniture is an excellent option for those who do not want to spend huge money on the interior of the nursery. Its main advantage is the ability to pick up the necessary elements, independently determining how many shelves and drawers to take under things and toys. Another plus of such furniture is that if one of the components of the headset becomes unusable, only this part will have to be changed, significantly saving the family budget.

Furniture-transformer, as a rule, serves its owners for a very long time: a crib becomes a full-fledged sleeping place for a teenager or turns into a wardrobe, making room for games during the day, the small table moves apart and becomes a desktop for homework. It is very convenient and also saves space and money.

If there are two children in the nursery, then there is no need to do without the division of space by various dressers, shelves and low partitions. This will provide each child with personal space and preserve the nervous system of parents who will not have to participate in the children’s struggle to regain territory.

The traditional bunk bed can also help you save space, sleeping places in which can be located not only one above the other, but also perpendicular. In addition, manufacturers make such furniture as functional as possible: drawers, steps, a desk under the upper “floor”, under the lower tier – a sliding shelf for bed linen and other things. These beds can combine a bedroom with a gym, as there are models equipped with a wall bars.

                                                                                           Rest zone
As for the recreation area, in the children’s room one cannot do without a desk and a chair for drawing, sculpting. After all, learning, self-development and knowledge of the world is one of the components of a harmoniously developing personality.
Decorating a children’s room with accessories and decorative items is not worth it, they will not appreciate it. But to allow toys to be seated on the shelves or to place favorite knick-knacks is the best gift for your child.

Think with his baby the design of his room, give him the opportunity to express himself and you will be the best parents on earth.