16 miracle-inventions from Japan that exploded the brain to foreigners.

Japan is a country of contrasts. It was interwoven with traditional culture and incredible technologies of the future. And still there are talented people who are surprised by their inventiveness. And only here you will find many incredible things about which we want to tell you soonest.

1. Filling stations

On our fueling hoses, fuel hoses are on the side. There are situations when it is impossible for them to reach the tank that is located on a non-standard side. And to stand in line to another column does not want to.

Japanese have hoses on top. This invention solves all problems.

2. Automatic machines with food

In Japan, you can find not only automats with coffee and cookies, but also with fries, noodles, eggs and even pet food! The Japanese really appreciate their time and others.

3. Miniature parking

In a small territory consisting of a number of islands, more than 120 million people live. The Japanese have to save space. This is a compact two-storey parking lot located near the shopping malls.

4. Tin cans for the blind

The Japanese are very concerned about the disabled. This is evident even in the use of Braille typewriting on beverage bottles. Now nobody confuses the Coca-Cola with Pepsi!

5. The bag will not run away from you

Many are aware of the situation when, hanging a bag on the back of the chair, you later discover it on the floor. The Japanese, too, do not like that. Therefore, they simply made recesses for bags on the back of the chairs.

6. Water baths in trains

Such could only come up with the Japanese. They love to travel with comfort. Anyone can buy a ticket to a car with baths. On the way you can relax and have a rest.

7. Paper blankets are all snappy

On the streets of Japan, anyone can get free paper napkins. If you are a sick person and often forget your handkerchief – here you will not get lost.

8. Wonder-dressing rooms

Japanese toilets are another miracle of technology. They are so functional that even the disabled feel more comfortable in them. Seats are adjustable in any plane. You can listen to music or choose a heating function.

9. Bubble film as a remedy for stress

The Japanese are hardworking people. As is known, work causes tension and stress. And in Japan they came up with an ideal means for removing it – the “endless” bubble film-key chain. He easily relieves tension. Look for such a key chain on the Internet.

10. Robots among us

Here so much love robots and automation, that ordinary taxis are equipped with automatic doors. It facilitates landing and saves the driver from endless requests not to clap a door.

11. Sleep capsules

We all love to sleep sweet, and the Japanese are not an exception. In this desire, they reached the point that they had come up with hotels designed only for sleep. They represent a wall of capsule beds, in each of which the visitor can fall into the arms of Morpheus.

12. The Roads of Music

Wonderful Japanese have even come up with ways to automate roads. They built a musical accompaniment in the road pavement. Unfortunately, we can only hear the knock of the machine about the pothle in the asphalt.

13. Paradise for the cadets

The Japanese are very fond of pets, but not everyone can make them. Some do not have time for animal because of work, others live in too small apartments. But the descendants of the samurai found a way out – opened a network of cafes with cats.

Here you can enjoy chatting with dozens of pets. Just like in the cloakroom house.

14. Kotatsu: eat, you can sleep and sleep

This is Japanese furniture – a heated table from below. A table top is on top, a warm mattress underneath a blanket below. Who would give up such pleasure?

15. Smart Loudspeakers

The entire country is united by a network of loudspeakers that report earthquakes, tsunamis and other natural disasters. However, this does not happen very often. Most of the time, the apparatuses produce pleasant ear sounds of music and remind children of the need to go home at a later time of the day.

16. Inemuri – to sleep in Japanese

Often after lunch I want to take a nap, but the boss does not approve of this. It does not threaten the Japanese – they have the right to sleep during their working hours. You can sleep when you want, even at a meeting before the boss. Inamuri is a term meaning “to be present and to sleep”.